Watch Pump 1.0R effortlessly win 2016 Kite Pump Showdown

Thanks to our friends and supportive WMFG dealer Big Winds for putting the new WMFG Pump 1.0T to the test against one of the "industry standard" pumps. The result: complete domination. Check out the pump here:


2016 Kite Pump Showdown from Big Winds on Vimeo.


Check out our new video showing the complete line of WMFG Pumps

This video might just change your life. Or at least help you find the best kiteboard pump ever made and understand the difference between a kiteboard pump and a SUP pump. Enjoy. Check out the pumps here

Watch T.J from Big Winds Hood River install a WMFG Six Pack deck pad set on a Firewire Vader

 Here's a sick video showing how easy it is to put WMFG traction on a board. Thanks TJ @ Big Winds for the sick video. Big Winds was the first shop in the USA to order WMFG deck pads and are killing it with our traction. Check them out at www.bigwinds.com