WMFG Deck Pad and Traction friends and family

Miro, Toronto. Teal Six Pack on Wainmann Surfy. Sick 
Martin Mobe Kitewear, Toronto. White Six Pack on Amundson Custom
Joel from Sherkston, ON. Black Six pack on Amundson Custom
Dave from New Jersey. Teal Six Pack on Rawson
Justin from Montreal. Black Six Pack on crazy looking Hydroflex.
Martin Milne, Kitesurfing Magazine Board Tests. Teal Six Pack on Firewire Vanguard. Killing it
Male Model, unidentified. White Six Pack Firewire Vader. 
WMFG Front Foot Deck pads on Firewire Vader
Salvatore from Buffalo, NY. White Front Foot pads on a Firewire Vader. Napping